This post is for anyone working on a side project, or passion project, and ends up feeling lost or stuck — ultimately resulting in an abandoned project, or shifting the attention to something else.

TLDR: I’ve created a Trello Board Template which I’m using for every single project I’m participating, even if only I’m gonna see it. Check it out here!

The best thing that I’ve started doing a few months from now is having a Trello board for each and every single project I work on. Even if it’s a 2-week project. …

I’m really excited to announce the release 0.10 of Colyseus. This version basically introduces a more performant state serialization algorithm and a different way of decoding the state in the client-side. It’s currently available for JavaScript, Defold Engine and Unity3D.

Almost 2 years ago, the very first version of Colyseus was published. It started out as a wild and naive experiment for my own multiplayer experiments.

Since then, the community slowly started to try it out and release some games using it, such as:

The focus of Colyseus has always been to be the easiest solution for building multiplayer experiences using JavaScript and HTML5, while having a minimalist architecture. It still is in a sort of experimental stage, but steadily evolving into a concrete solution.

What’s new on v0.5.0?

  • Vertical scalability: Version 0.5.0 introduced…

TLDR: Check out a simple and productive template for authoring libraries with browser testing:

At exactly one year ago, André Staltz wrote about why all JavaScript libraries should be authored in TypeScript. I must admit I wasn’t a TypeScript believer at that time.

A lot has changed since then. TypeScript ecosystem evolved like crazy. Today, If I have the opportunity to choose between writing pure JavaScript or TypeScript, I’d choose TypeScript without a doubt. Excellent tooling and less error-prone.

I love TypeScript because it lets you write whatever style you want. Don’t want to use property and method access…

HOOK — Open-source alternative to written in PHP

know hook and how to use it /

With the official announcement of retirement, I feel that I have to “sell” the backend I’ve been working on in the past couple of years.

HOOK is a backend as a service designed with real needs of a digital agency: usually with small projects and a tight deadline. It’s all about making developers happy and delivering the final product faster, such as websites, mobile applications, interactive installations, etc.

It makes you feel like you’re using a NoSQL database, even though you’re not. You’ll be able to manipulate your tables as-you-go…

Lucid Sight has acquired Colyseus!

Read the 0.10 update.

Read the 0.5.0 update.

For the last couple of months I’ve been prototyping some multiplayer games in HTML5/JavaScript. I thought it wouldn’t be painful since the community has grown a lot — having a library ready-to-go for everything you want out there. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case for multiplayer games.

Most people who want a multiplayer game tend to re-implement a lobby system using or sockjs, which is fine if you want to do a single game. …

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