HOOK — Open-source alternative to Parse.com written in PHP

know hook and how to use it / hook-platform.org

With the official announcement of Parse.com retirement, I feel that I have to “sell” the backend I’ve been working on in the past couple of years.

HOOK is a backend as a service designed with real needs of a digital agency: usually with small projects and a tight deadline. It’s all about making developers happy and delivering the final product faster, such as websites, mobile applications, interactive installations, etc.

It makes you feel like you’re using a NoSQL database, even though you’re not. You’ll be able to manipulate your tables as-you-go during the discovery process of your product, as little things always change on development time.

It has a commandline interface that enables developers to have full control of the database, back-end modules and application configuration during development and after production deployment.

There’s more details and explanations about its usage on this presentation. Also feel free to ask if you have any questions on gitter channel.

Software Engineer & Indie Game Developer

Software Engineer & Indie Game Developer