Colyseus — HTML5 Multiplayer Games Made Simple (v0.5.0 update)

Almost 2 years ago, the very first version of Colyseus was published. It started out as a wild and naive experiment for my own multiplayer experiments.

Since then, the community slowly started to try it out and release some games using it, such as:

The focus of Colyseus has always been to be the easiest solution for building multiplayer experiences using JavaScript and HTML5, while having a minimalist architecture. It still is in a sort of experimental stage, but steadily evolving into a concrete solution.

What’s new on v0.5.0?

Breaking changes:

There’s a few breaking changes on both server-side and client-side. See links below if you’re migrating from a previous version to 0.5.0.

Roadmap for version 1.0.0:

We now have a clear roadmap for what’s still a must to release the version 1.0.0. One of the most requested features is the ability to filter the room state before sending patches to a particular client (#59).

Colyseus has its very first sponsor!

EvenNode provides Node.js hosting. Discount is available to Colyseus projects on request. Contact support for more information.

Go check them out!

Join us!

The community in the Gitter Channel is super friendly and open. If you have any question or just want to share your crazy ideas you’ll find lovely fellows over there! New contributors for code and/or documentation are always welcome too!

Software Engineer & Indie Game Developer

Software Engineer & Indie Game Developer